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Hungerwar is an appeal of activism against child malnutrition and starvation in Syria.

  • An estimated 6 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria to date.
  • 420,000 children live in besieged locations with limited access to humanitarian aid and remain at high risk of malnutrition.
  • Almost 3 million children are internally displaced and have missed years of education and are at greater risk of exploitation.

Hunger and malnutrition is a reality for children in Syria.

If we don’t act now, it will get worse.

Syria Relief is a UK based charity, registered with the Charity Commission (No. 1143797). We are an NGO with a clear aim in Syria: Relieving the suffering : Supporting the future. Help us by making a donation to Syria today.


For every £1 you give to Syria Relief

  • 97.1p goes on charitable activities.
  • 2.8p is used on raising income.
  • 0.1p is spent on running the charity.
  • For every £1 spent on fundraising £39.90 is raised.
Data provided by Charity Choice