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Syria Relief is a UK based charity which was established in Manchester, the UK, at the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011. 

Dismayed at the rapidly unfolding crisis in Syria, a group of friends of Syrian heritage came together to make a concerted effort to provide emergency humanitarian aid in the region, for what was initially assumed a short-term project. Since then we have grown to become the largest Syria-focused, UK-based Charity, having touched the lives of 1.8 million Syrians in need.

We provide medical care, food aid, education, and training. Our aim is to support millions of Syrians who have been affected by the on-going crisis, and in the process, help reduce the mass migration from Syria. Donate to Syria Relief today and help us achieve this.

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Syria Relief is a UK based charity which has touched the lives of

1.8 million Syrians in need.
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Syria Relief envisions a future in which the people of Syria live in dignity and security, with the means and opportunities to fulfill their potential and achieve their aspirations, wherever they may be in the world.


Inspired by a deep sense of duty towards innocent civilians caught in the Syrian conflict, we set ourselves an ambitious mission: To relieve the suffering and support the future of the people of Syria.

OUR Values

1- Humanitarian Principles We believe in the fundamental principles of humanitarian work, including humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence, and uphold all aspects of international humanitarian laws and conventions.

2- Accountability and Transparency We believe that we are collectively and individually responsible for ensuring that we remain accountable to all our stakeholders and that the resources put at our disposal by our donors, supporters, and partners, are used judiciously, efficiently, and transparently, to achieve measurable and visible results.

3- Respect We believe that all our beneficiaries and our staff, irrespective of their race, age, gender, religion, political affiliations, or geographical location, deserve to be treated with utmost respect, in a way that preserves their dignity and enhances their self-worth.

4- Integrity We believe that we should always aspire to the highest standards of personal and corporate honesty and integrity, and should always act in the interest of our beneficiaries, in a manner that never compromises our reputation or our principles.

5- Ambition and Creativity We believe that we should always set ourselves high aims and objectives, and work hard to achieve them and push them further. We strongly believe that we should be open to new ideas, new challenges and that we should embrace positive change, with the ultimate goal of achieving our mission: Relieving the suffering, supporting the future.

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Almost 3 million homes have been made derelict or destroyed in the ongoing 8-year conflict, causing mass movement of displaced Syrians. There is a colossus shortage of basic housing, with many families resorting to inadequate, makeshift and unsecure shelters.

Syria Relief

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