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More than 1 in 3 schools in Syria have been destroyed, leaving 2.1 million children without access to education and 1.3 million at risk of dropping out school. Children aged 12 or younger know nothing but conflict. Without a chance to learn, they are likely to be trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, poor health, forced labour and early marriage.

This September, we are launching our Back 2 School campaign. It is our mission to welcome new children into our schools, rebuild the schools which have been damaged and give the children of Syria the means to work towards a better and brighter future.

We are currently running 55 schools across Syria which are helping around 13,000 children Our education team are working hard to make sure that these schools are child-centred, creative and safe zones for every child to enjoy as well as making sure that our teaching staff are trained in child protection, psychological support and first aid.

We are working with local education authorities and professionals to remove the barriers which stop children from attending school. Projects like our ‘Mobile Learning Centre’ and ‘Mobile Teacher’ bring education to those who have been displaced and are unable to travel. Children can access informal educational services in ways that combine fun and learning. Whether they attend our mobile learning bus, make shift school tents or our schools with complete facilities, we are working hard to give the children of Syria the chance to laugh, learn and grow and be children again.
Your £10,000

fundraising donation

can rebuild an entire school in Syria!

Help Children Like Sarah

Threatened by continuous bombing, Sarah was forced to leave her school and friends behind when her family fled to a new village. For two years, Sarah and her family lived in a make-shift camp with no access to education. Fortunately for Sarah, we opened a school in her area which she now attends five days a week.

“I was so happy when I found out a school had opened near the camp. I’m always excited to go to school, I love my teachers and I am learning and making new friends. I was so sad when I couldn’t go to school, but since we moved to this camp, this school is the best thing that has happened to me. Now I can study to become a teacher.” Sarah, Idlib

This year, we want to help even more children like Sarah achieve their dreams. Every child has the right to learn. Every child deserves a chance.

Fancy fundraising to make an even bigger difference? Your £10,000 fundraising donation can rebuild a school! Call us on 0161 860 0163 or email us for more details.
Help children like Sarah achieve their dreams. Every child deserves a chance to learn and grow.

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