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The effort to help Syrians who are having their lives torn apart by this conflict is stretched to breaking point. In Idlib and the rest of North West Syria, 2.7 million Syrians desperately need food, water, shelter, medical treatment and education. Now, with the escalation of fighting in North East Syria there are a further 1.6 million people who are also in need of humanitarian assistance. 450,000 of them are at a risk of displacement.

This is a humanitarian catastrophe and it is getting worse.

Syria Relief have the manpower to respond, but we need to be able to fund the food, the water, the schools and hospitals that these people desperately need. It is the Syrian people who are once again paying the price for this conflict and they need your help more than ever.

Syrians need you to donate now.
medical staff are working tirelessly each day seeing

20,000 patients

We are managing five primary healthcare facilities and one maternity hospital

our child protection and Inclusion initiatives

In northwest Syria, we are managing five primary healthcare facilities and one maternity hospital. Our medical staff are working tirelessly each day seeing to an average of 20,000 patients at the facilities each month. Our nutritional centers offer vaccinations and health support to families, and our staff make frequent visits to camps, referring any children who are suffering from malnutrition.

The well-being of children who have been caught up in the conflict remains an important part of our work. Our Child Friendly Spaces welcome thousands of children like Malik each day, where they can learn, play and receive psychosocial support.

Where violence has forced families from their homes, we’re distributing essential relief items such as blankets, sleeping materials, cooking utensils, and toiletries.

Inadequate food production, along with a severe currency depreciation means that food is now scarce in many parts of Syria. Our team are reaching the most deprived areas of Syria distributing emergency food rations and fresh food vouchers.

Wherever we are in Syria, and whatever service we are providing, we know that the need is urgent.
On our last mission, our team saw to eight month old Amina, who was suffering form pneumonia. With hours left to live, our team rushed her to hospital where she was treated.

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