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In light of the developing crisis in the region and the increased number of citizens who have been forced to leave their homes, the need for relief inside Syria has become more pressing over the past few months. Thousands of families are fleeing violence and resettling in overcrowded camps which have extremely limited resources. Our team in Syria are on the ground working hard helping families resettle in new areas by providing tents, hygiene packs, fuel and household necessities such as cooking items and mattresses. We are also trying to provide urgently needed medical care for thousands of internally displaced citizens who are suffering from serious injuries. The task ahead of us is monumental. We are counting on the generosity of our brilliant supporters to help us ensure we can provide relief to the most desperate families inside Syria. With your help, we can ensure that these families will not be sleeping rough. You can make a massive difference to a child’s life with a small donation.
We provide food, water and medical assistance to

Displaced Families

in the heart of Syria.

Abu Mohammed showing us his home in Eastern Ghouta

"This is our kitchen, as you can see, it's empty. The children get so hungry, they cook some barely to eat (to fulfill their hunger). "We have nothing. "Here is another room. We took the door off to burn for heating. "My son goes out every day to get some twigs. We use them to live."
Abu Mohammed showing us his home in Eastern Ghouta.

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