Arsal Appeal

Devastating storm hits Syrian border – Arsal.

“I worry for my little sister”, says 11-year-old Salma as she sits outside her tent in Arsal, Lebanon. “She cries to sleep every night because she is so cold, and I worry we will wake up one day and find her frozen to death. We have run out of fuel to keep us warm, what can we do?”

10-year-old Salma has worries that no child should: whilst she sleeps each night, she worries her younger sister will not be alive in the morning.
“Norma Snow storm” hit Lebanon from Saturday January 05th,2019 till Wednesday 09th, 2019, causing snowfalls, heavy rains and freezing temperatures, leaving at least 66 camps heavily impacted by the flooding and completely destroying 15 refugee camps. Moreover, it forces schools to close or to be converted into shelters for those made homeless by flooding.

As heavy rain and snow hits Syria and its surrounding areas, thousands of families are in a similar position, wondering if their children will make it through the night. The devastating storms have also caused roads to close, isolating residents and leaving them unable to purchase food or medicine.

The United Nations’ refugee agency says at least 11,000 people have been severely affected by the weather in Lebanon, and more than 15 camps have completely flooded. One settlement in the border town of Arsal has been buried in snow, forcing its inhabitants to burn clothes to keep warm.

We are on the ground delivering aid to the worst affected areas. Our team in Syria and Lebanon are working hard delivering blankets, food and fuel where there has been severe rainfall and snow.
Help ensure the most vulnerable families are able to stay warm in these awful conditions.


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