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£500 - Rehabilitation and running of the school includes providing supplies for teachers and children such as stationary, rucksacks, uniforms, textbooks.

£1000 - Monthly running of the school includes utility costs such as electricity and water.

£10,000 - Rebuilding a school includes a complete exterior and interior refurbishment of classrooms, school yards, kitchen etc.

The chance to learn can change a child’s life

Each day in Syria, more than 2.1 million children cannot attend school. Due to the influx of internally displaced families in the North West of Syria, there are tens of thousands of children who have been left without access to education.

Without the chance to learn, children are more likely to be trapped in the vicious cycles of poverty, poor health, forced labour and early marriage. At Syria Relief, it is our mission to get as many children as we can back into school and give them a chance to shape their future. Our new education project aims to open more doors for the children of North West Syria which will benefit generations to come. We need your support to help rebuild these young lives.

We are helping thousands of children in Syria get back into education by opening new schools, providing books and classroom stationary and setting up child-friendly spaces offering children a safe space to learn and play.

The Syrian children need your support! Donate now.
Our ambition is to set up more schools across Syria, opening doors of education to hundreds of new students. For that ambition to become a reality, we need your support. Please give generously to support our schools and our pupils.

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Cycle If you and your friends raise £50 by completing a sponsored cycle
Care you can provide a child with a school pack (uniform, stationary etc.)

Sarah is triumphing through school

Threatened by continuous bombing, Sarah was forced to leave her school and friends behind when her family fled to a new village. For two years, Sarah lived in a make-shift camp with no access to education. Fortunately for Sarah, Syria Relief later opened a school in her area which she now attends five days a week.

“I was so happy when I found out a school had opened near the camp. I am always excited to go to school, I love my teachers and I am learning and making new friends. I was so sad when I could no longer attend school, but since we moved to this camp, this school is the best thing that has happened to me.”

Across Syria, we working with local education authorities and professionals trying to remove barriers which stop children attending school. We are providing financial support for families struggling so the children are forced into early labour or marriage. We work with our education staff inside Syria to ensure our schools are child-centred, creative safe zones for every child in Syria. Our teaching staff are trained in child protection, psychological support, and first aid. In addition, specialist psychological support staff are on hand at all our schools, offering one-to-one and group sessions to children and staff.
Schools are a safe place for children to learn, grow and work towards a better and brighter future for themselves.