National Beauty Tour

In partnership with Syria Relief is raising funds to support displaced Syrian refugee families from Eastern Ghouta.

Attend our Groundbreaking charity workshop tour and learn skills from the wedding industries finest Eye Make-up, Hair and Hijab Styling sessions in one amazing workshop.

Each event will start with a short presentation on the current humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ghouta, Syria by Dr Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar, senior artist at Asian Creations who will be hosting the National Tour.

This will be followed by three 40-60 minute demo tutorials by some of the UK’s leading hair, makeup and hijab stylists in the fashion industry and ask them to showcase/ teach their skills for one hour each at one of four cities of their choice; (London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds/Bradford). Click below for the campaign video.

Donate Towards The National Beauty Campaign

All proceeds raised from the National Beauty Tour will be supporting displaced Syrian refugee families from Eastern Ghouta.

Each exclusive workshop has a strictly limited capacity. Registration is on a first come first served basis. To secure your place on the workshop, please please make a donation at www.nationalbeautytour.com.

Any queries/ problems regarding tickets please contact parwez.nomad@gmail.com

Event details

  • 13th Apr,18 - 05th May,18
  • tbc
  • Manchester, Birmingham, London and Leeds