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What is Fidya and Kaffara?

Fidya is paid in circumstances when it is difficult – or nearly impossible – for an individual to fast. These circumstances may include any of the following:

  • The person being of old age
  • The person is reliant on medicine
  • The individual is permanently ill (physically or mentally)

In these cases, the individual is liable to feed 1 person for every fast missed. For example, if an individual cannot fast for the entire month of Ramadan due to any of the reasons mentioned above, that individual must pay for 30 days’ worth of food (or 29, according to the Islamic calendar) for someone in need.

Kaffarah, on the other hand, is paid as a penalty for leaving or breaking a fast intentionally. Kaffarah is applicable on the individual due to any of the following reasons:

  • Eating or drinking during fast
  • Engaging in sexual activities
  • Physically or verbally hurting someone deliberately

The penalty for breaking the fast is a payment, in addition to keeping fast at a later stage. If the fast cannot be kept, the individual is liable to feed 60 people for every fast missed or broken. For example, if a person breaks a fast during Ramadan due to any of the reasons mentioned above – and does not keep the fast at a later stage – the person is liable to pay for 60 days’ worth of food (or provide a day’s worth of food for 60 people).

Give your Fidya and Kaffarah with Syria Relief. We will make sure to fulfill your religious duties by helping the most vulnerable Syrian families, who do not have proper food to eat, clean water to drink and a permanent shelter to live under

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could be the help we need to ensure families in Syria will eat this Ramadan.

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with Syria Relief

The war within Syria has left many without shelter, a family, or a loved one. Perhaps the most badly affected are children who have been physically injured and emotionally traumatised as the war enters its ninth year. As a result, tens of thousands of children have become orphaned. You can contribute towards their livelihoods by paying as little as £3 for a hot meal for a Syrian child.

This Ramadan, we are distributing hot meals, water and food parcels to families who do not have the means to eat this Ramadan. Just £50 can provide a family with a food pack containing a selection of staple ingredients needed to prepare balanced meals for iftar and suhoor this Ramadan.

The lack of reliable, clean water in Syria is particularly worrying during the month of Ramadan. With a donation of as little as £10 you can provide clean water for a family of five for the whole month.

Facing a daily fight for survival against poverty, famine, disasters and conflict, the people of Syria are in dire need of our support. So, we will be working long hours this blessed month, making sure to provide relief to thousands of families across Syria in Ramadan.

Pay your Kaffarah with Syria Relief. We will make sure to spend it on those who need it the most.