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Our food packs are UN approved, containing nourishing staple foods such as lentils, rice, pasta, tinned meat, tinned fish, vegetables, herbs & spices.

A donation of £50 will feed a family of five for the whole month

Ever since the conflict in Syria began, families have been facing a daily battle to find food, putting huge numbers of children at risk of malnutrition. Hunger weakens children’s immune systems leaving them vulnerable to infection, disease, and death.

This year, the UN estimated that a third of the population in Syria is food insecure, with pockets of acute and chronic malnutrition persisting in certain areas.

To try and combat malnutrition, we provide support on breastfeeding and complementary feeding; we are screening children for malnutrition and are distributing hot meals and food parcels to some of the most war-torn areas of Syria.

Mazen and his family regularly receive monthly food parcels from our emergency team. As part of our efforts to beat malnutrition, his health is frequently monitored by our medical staff.

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Climb If you and your friends raise £250 by hosting a bake sale
Care you can feed 5 families for a month

Food Insecurity in Syria

Global food insecurity has been on the rise for the past decade, leading to price shocks and food shortages. As stingy supply cannot meet ever-increasing demand, 40 million people have currently become food insecure.

Alleviating hunger and malnutrition in Syria is a top priority for our emergency response team. Malnutrition not only effects health but also hinders progress in many other areas of development such as education and employment. Each month our emergency team provides families with locally sourced food parcels containing a selection of staple ingredients needed to prepare balanced meals for a family of five. Food donations are even more vital when supporting communities that are living in besieged areas where access to the most basic amenities is not allowed in or out.

Four-year-old Mazen was one of the thousands of children referred to our medical team for malnutrition. Due to continuous displacement, Mazen and his family did not have regular access to food. Mazen was supervised by our healthcare team where he was treated until full recovery. Mazen and his family now receive monthly food aid from our emergency team and his health is frequently monitored by our medical staff.

STOP THE PAIN. Donate food for children in Syria today.
Alleviating malnutrition and hunger is a top priority for us. Donate food to Syria today.