Donating Items

Donate Items
We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of the public over the last year in response to the plight of the Syrian refugees.  Thank you to everyone who has come together to support us, giving of their time and effort.  Our warehouse has been inundated with excellent quality goods, and after the departure of tens of containers, is still full to the brim!

We are unable to accept any more goods contributions at this moment, but request instead financial contributions towards the transport costs of our next container.

If you are doing any community collections e.g. shoebox collections etc., you may like to suggest that each person contributes a small sum as well, e.g £5.  This will go far towards the shipping costs of our next container and enable us to send the goods waiting in the warehouse. We would also be very glad of your help at the warehouse sorting through the mountain of items we have!  Please get in touch with us if you are able to volunteer your time.

If you have any questions related to donations (or any other matter),we are always happy to help.

Our main office telephone number is: 0161 860 0163


*Medical items: We are happy to accept medical items which can benefit healthcare facilities in Syria, such as crutches, wheelchairs, hospital equipment.  We can also take unused and unopened medicines, for example – pain relief tablets, hygiene products and foot treatments.

**Please note: We do not send our own staff, or employ anyone to enter Syria with our containers from the UK. Containers are sent using a specialist freight company which ships them overseas to Turkey. From there, containers are loaded onto HGVs and taken to the Turkish/Syrian border where they undergo standard freight and customs inspections. Once inside Syria, they are met by our ground teams and taken to one of our warehouses.

Opening times for our Warehouse

Wednesday 4pm – 7pm
Sunday 5pm – 8pm

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