Donating Items

Our warehouse is now closed, and we are currently unable to receive items. However every few months we plan to arrange for a container to be located in Manchester where you can come and drop off your items. 

We will post the dates and locations of these containers on this page so please stay posted.  


What do we accept?

  • Medical equipment – Gas Masks / Hospital Gowns / Crutches / Wheelchair / First Aid Kits
  • Health and safety items – Fire Blankets (Rather than Fire extinguishers) CBRN Suits or any kind of Hazmat Suits
  • Clean, good quality clothing.

We can’t accept…

  • Cultural clothing, food, medicine, electronic items, sleeping bags, tents, toys, books

Do we collect items?

Sadly no, we are unable to offer this service. Perhaps, if you have a large amount of donations you could get others involved and split the postage cost.

Does the quality matter?

We do not accept items that are unfit for people to use, there are no laundry services in our warehouse so please donate clean goods.

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