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House of Daraa

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The House of Daraa is a school opened specifically to serve orphans in Southern Syria. It was established in August, in collaboration with the group, The Sons of War.

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An oasis of peace for the most deprived children, The House of Daraa is for those who have had their childhood snatched from them too soon.  The school caters for children aged between 4-7 and who have lost at least one of their parents. It is currently attended by 44 children, 5 days a week, where they are taught a variety of lessons.  During the course of the day, they receive two meals and play happily in an open courtyard.

The aim of this project is to help those children most in need, the ones left behind. All funds raised using the link below will be used to keep their hopes alive for as long as possible and give to the children of Daraa the basic right to learn and play.

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We also have a monthly support project for each of the 44 orphans. With a contribution of £30 a month you can cover the cost of one child attending the school and their daily living costs.

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