Laila from Eastern Ghouta

Laila is a young women from Syria, Eastern Ghouta. In search for safety, Laila, her husband and two children decided to cross over the border to Turkey. A story of so much lose and heartbreak, her journey for a better life turned her biggest fears into reality.
These accounts were written in Arabic by Laila and translated.

Three months have passed since you left.
These 90 days went by slowly, so slowly, bringing with them such extortionate pain that it felt like 90 years had gone by.
Your absence in this time made me feel the true meaning of pain. You left in me a scar that bleeds and will only heal until my final day on this earth.
Before these days, time would pass like a blink of an eye. Despite the struggle of life in Syria, I wouldn’t feel time at all. I would seek happiness from him.
Until one day, we decided to go to Turkey.
At the beginning, we weren’t too sure about leaving as we knew that our hearts would always remain in Syria.
But we finally decided to leave, thinking that we would be safer in Turkey than in Syria. Our country that had been exhausted from years of war.
Little did I know that this decision would be the cause of my husband leaving us to another world. A world so far away from my world and a thousand times further than Turkey.