National Centre for Mental Health

In a study carried out on 1,500 Syrian schoolchildren by the National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH), a staggering 96% were found to be in need of psychological treatment.

The NCMH was set up as a result of the worrying but inevitable rise in mental health issues amongst Syrian children. The centre offers psychosocial treatment to children and their parents.

Run by highly qualified mental health practitioners and nurses, it operates close to the Turkish/Syrian border. The unique and significant facility, mainly funded by Syria Relief, offers the following services:

  • Special needs section: includes rehab sessions for children with syndromes such as Asperger’s, autism, PTSD and depression. This section has had 700 visits throughout the last year (2014) to the end of October. Numbers are expected to double this year. There is a separate clinic for adults where they are assessed and assigned to relevant therapy. Services for adults are also conducted outside of the clinic at medical points located in Reyhanli for specific cases such as paralysis, as a result of injury from the war.
  • Outreach and training: the special needs service for children is also offered in schools via the outreach projects. This has already covered 3 schools, reaching over 5,000 children. Teachers and volunteers are trained to deal with children with special needs. Psychologists are also trained to meet the increasing need, and in turn can train others.
  • Female Rehab: the centre also has a newly established female rehab section which helps women who have been raped and sexually abused.
  • Surveys: the research section of the NCMH conducts valuable research to assess the situation on the ground in Syria and the needs of the people.

A boy receives assessment from a trained psychologist at NCMH

We believe that it is vital to assist families and individuals in coming to terms with their situation, by offering them coping strategies and helping to rebuild their lives.

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