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2nd March, 19

March Medical Deployment

We are honoured to announce that Dr David Nott will [...]

25th February, 19

Clean water is life changing

Clean water is life changing! When a family receives clean [...]

11th January, 19

Devastating storms cause more misery for Syrians

“I worry for my little sister”, says 11 year old [...]

28th December, 18

Flash Floods in Syrian Camps

Flash floods have hit camps in Northern Idlib. The floods [...]

5th December, 18

How will the children of Syria survive this winter?

£30 Can provide a family of 5 with thick blankets. [...]

9th November, 18

What comes to mind when you think of Winter?

£30 Can provide a family of 5 with thick blankets. [...]

6th November, 18

“Stand Together”

Omar Esa’s epic nasheed for Syria “Stand Together” is finally [...]

10th September, 18

Idlib: Reaching out to families in need

£2 Bag of food - Small bag of food containing, [...]

4th September, 18

Idlib: How are we responding?

An assault on Syria’s largest concentration of displaced persons has [...]

31st August, 18

Back 2 School in Syria

The start of the September back-to-school period can cause tantrums [...]

13th August, 18

Preparing for Idlib

The city of Idleb is Syria’s final major rebel-held area, […]

3rd August, 18

Qurbani – a rare privilege in Syria

For many muslims across the globe, Eid Aladha is a […]

“ No one has ever
become poor by
giving ”

Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play