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3rd August, 18

Qurbani – a rare privilege in Syria

For many muslims across the globe, Eid Aladha is a […]

6th July, 18

The fastest and largest displacement in Syrian history.

The military offensive in the southwest city of Daraa has […]

3rd July, 18

270,000 Syrians flee deadly offensive

The military offensive in southwest Syria has forced at least […]

17th June, 18

Thank You from Syria this Ramadan

Your support this ramadan helped us make a positive difference [...]

12th June, 18

On The Field During Ramadan

Atiq, our Fundraising Manager, decided to travel to Iraq to [...]

6th June, 18

The Final Days

Braving the heat and harsh living conditions this Ramadan, our [...]

27th April, 18

We’re Ramadan Ready!

Believe in Allah and His messenger, and spend (in charity) [...]

23rd April, 18

Don’t be afraid of charity, it could just be the change that society needs

Our media executive Tasneem Dullaymi talks about the inclusivity of [...]

19th April, 18

Helping Ghouta’s displaced

Born under siege, Ruba has lived her entire life with [...]

27th February, 18

Syria’s Displaced Appeal

 In light of the developing crisis in region and the [...]

21st December, 17

Syria’s Next Threat

Winter conditions have begun to affect many parts of Syria. [...]

10th November, 17

Solidarity with Rohingya Appeal

Syria Relief was established in 2011 in response to the [...]

“ No one has ever
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Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play