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6th April, 17

Idlib Hospitals Overwhelmed by Devastating Chemical Attack

This week, Idlib witnessed the worst chemical attack in Syria [...]

20th February, 17

Cries from Ghouta

b{font-weight:bold;} Following the harrowing siege of Aleppo, the countryside region [...]

20th February, 17

A Twist of Fate

65 year old Umm Dawoud is a single lady from [...]

15th February, 17

The struggles of forced displacement

12 year old thalassaemia sufferer Wisaam hasn’t had an easy [...]

2nd February, 17

A Golden Age of Struggle

In his mid-60’s, Abu Ahmed never envisaged the turn his [...]

13th January, 17

Seeing to Aleppo’s Wounded

In the latter years of the conflict, the once populous [...]

2nd January, 17

Aleppo Appeal – Thank you

Syria Relief would like to express our appreciation for your [...]

1st January, 17

Livelihood Project

Building solid foundations for communities in Syria The people of [...]

19th December, 16

Aleppo Appeal – Update

Following a number of harrowing months, we are relieved that [...]

14th December, 16

Helping Aleppo

Described by the UN as a 'complete meltdown of humanity,' the [...]

7th December, 16

Syria Relief Inside Aleppo City

After months of lockdown, Syria Relief found a brief window to [...]

1st December, 16

An Explosive Lesson

Some of the vicious tactics of this brutal conflict include [...]

“ No one has ever
become poor by
giving ”

Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play