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27th April, 15

From the children of UK to Syria

From the UK, With Love – KIDZ4KIDZ’ latest campaign in […]

27th April, 15

Bombs and books: Education in Syria.

No school day is ordinary for the few Syrian children still […]

27th April, 15

Abu Firas… from Homs to Arsal, three times displaced

Roaming from town to town in Syria, Abu Firas and […]

21st March, 15

Dr Nott in Preston and Manchester

21 Feb 2015 – People of Preston “We were delighted […]

21st March, 15

Is Winter Crisis over in Syria? Emergency response to affected refugees in Lebanon

A wave of freezing rain accompanied by harsh snowstorms hit Lebanon […]

20th March, 15

Mountains of rubbish finally cleared in Northern Syria

A sanitation assessment undertaken through areas in northern Syria has […]

20th March, 15

Statement from Sir Peter Fahy Chief Constable GMP

 “I very much support the work of Syria Relief and […]

11th February, 15

Syria Winter Crisis

The storms in Syria may have passed – for now […]

10th February, 15

More than 630 stoves and 4.5 thousand tons of coal were distributed

In response to the worsening conditions in Syria we have […]

1st February, 15

Cleaning Waste in Marat Massreen

During a conflict, many of the government and council run […]

29th January, 15

“A&E in the War Zone” screening at the House of Parliament

Monday 26th January 2015, Krishnan Guru-Murthi, of Channel 4 News […]

“ No one has ever
become poor by
giving ”

Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play