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In a study carried out on 1,500 Syrian schoolchildren by the National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH), a staggering 96% of 5-16yr olds were found to be displaying one or more symptoms of mental trauma. To help deal with this growing concern, Syria Relief is sponsoring 3 mental health clinics across Syria.  One of our largest clinics is in Reyhanli, on the border of Turkey and Syria – an area with a high volume of Syrian refugees.

6-year-old Haris is one of many young patients at our Reyhanli clinic. His home was attacked by a bomb while he was in the bathroom, leaving his face and 30% of his body disfigured with severe burns.  He has since been suffering from depression and is displaying a number of signs of mental trauma. Alarmingly, Haris has attempted suicide on a number of occasions.  Haris’s mum is battling with depression too, while his father has been missing for two years, leaving him with minimal family support. Our experts are working hard to find a suitable treatment for him, both to ease his pain as well as to help rehabilitate him back into society. With your support, we can provide children like Haris with the care they need. We are endeavoring to give them back a childhood that was stolen from them, helping them to become contributing, active members of society for the future.


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