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Clean water is life changing! When a family receives clean water, it’s the start of something truly life-changing, and here’s why.

Right now, some of Syria’s poorest and most vulnerable families do not have access to clean water or adequate toilet facilitates, especially in make-shift camps. Without these basic necessities, overcoming poverty and investing in the future remains a dream.

The availability of clean water means that cooking, drinking, washing and watering crops no longer pose a risk of illness. By donating safe drinking water you will be helping some of the most desperate families in Syria to break free from poverty and illness giving a better chance of transforming their lives.

With reliable access to clean water, thousands of lives could be saved. Drinking dirty water is one of the most common causes of death in the developing world, and one of the most preventable, this is why it is so important we ensure the availability of clean water in some Syria’s most deprived areas.