culture making

Culture Through Making

A Transformative Skills, Heritage and
Education Programme

The Culture Through Making initiative aims to create a transformative educational skills and training programme, centred on craft, identity and education. The programme will mobilise the creative industries to support Syrians affected by the on-going humanitarian crisis in Syria. The traditional skills of Syria are rich in culture and identity. Ceramics, glass, wood and textiles have informed culture, told stories and been handed down from one generation to another.


•  To enable cultural identity to be celebrated and continued
•  To make objects of cultural resonance
•  To enable young generations to have the opportunity to adopt traditional skills
•  Once the war is over these skills can be employed in rebuilding the country and providing sustainable employment.
•  Craft, history and heritage can be used to create transformative ‘portable’ skills that allow stability of culture and continuity to the lives of refugees.