Hospitals Targeted And Destroyed By Bombings In Idlib

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Today, Sky News reported that hospitals and civilian areas in Idlib are being directly targeted by Syrian Regime forces who appear to be using banned ‘cluster bombs’(bombs that release a number of projectiles on impact). You will remember that we began the month by reporting on similar atrocities and the accompanying mass displacement of thousands of civilians.  Nearly a month later, the situation continues to intensify. According to the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM), 229 civilians have been killed and 727 have been wounded in this region this month. It has also been reported that 9 children were among the 21 killed in government fire on several towns in Idlib province and the countryside of neighbouring Aleppo on Tuesday. The deliberate destruction of medical facilities and civilian areas is considered to be a war crime under international law. Hospitals are meant to be places of healing, safety and sanctuary for all people and yet they are being destroyed.As this genocide continues, the people of Syria are left asking, where is the international community? Dr Ahmad al Assad, a doctor working inside Idleb, told Sky News,
“We gave them evidence of chemical weapons being used. We provided all the evidence to the United Nations, to America, to Britain. They know this is happening, but they have done nothing. They just don’t care. No-one cares.”
Hundreds of thousands of people remain trapped in Idlib, caught in the middle of the ongoing battles between Syrian regime forces and the armed rebel group. We are not here to make comments on the politics of the conflict, but we are calling on the international community to call for an end to these vicious conflicts and find a peaceful resolution. As always, our focus is on delivering urgent support to the innocent families, orphans and medical staff trapped in this cycle of violence. We cannot ignore this! The Syrian people need our help. We will keep you updated and as always continue to deliver emergency aid to those in need.


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