Idlib: Reaching out to families in need

Thousands are now newly displaced as shelling over Idlib resumes overnight. According to the UN, these innocent civilians could be faced with the worst humanitarian disaster of this century.

Similarly to our staff on the ground, families in Idlib have merely had time to recover from the military bombardments of Ghouta and Daraa, and have once again been threatened by more shelling; in fact, over half the population of Idlib have been displaced numerous times already. A recent study at a primary school in Syria showed that 80% of the children were suffering from anxiety and worry.* Having had no time to recover from previous trauma, 3.9 million people in the Idlib province and surrounding areas have been made vulnerable once again. 

For the last seven years, our rehabilitation, food, education, water, health and orphan projects have reached millions of civilians across Syria. Help us respond to the current crisis in Idlib and protect the livelihoods of civilians at all costs. *


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