Idlib: How are we responding?

An assault on Syria’s largest concentration of displaced persons has begun, our team are on the ground responding. 

Intensive bombardments have started to rain down on the populated Idlib province of northwestern Syria. Due to the sheer level of inhabitants in the area, a military offensive could create an immense need for humanitarian assistance.

How will we help the people of Idlib? 

These attacks will result in an additional rise in inflation to Idlib’s food market, threatening thousands of civilians who are already food insecure. Our emergency response teams are distributing food rations to families in addition to our general food security projects.

Our five Primary Health centres are estimated to receive an overwhelming number of patients; placing significant strain on our medical team who will no doubt be treating large numbers of wounded. Our medical team will be responding to the worst affected areas, referring injured civilians to our clinics.

Our protection team will be vigilant to any sign of child abuse or exploitation as we expect the anticipated military offensive to force more families into Idlib's overcrowded, makeshift camps.

As the levels of violence in an area increase, the number of civilians moving to nearby cambs rise. Overcrowded camps add pressure on already scarce resources. Our water engineers are drilling new water networks so new arrivals have access to sufficient, clean water.

With experience and preparation we will work to the best of our capacity to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by the violence.
Please donate and help us provide relief to families in Idlib.


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