March Medical Deployment

We are honoured to announce that Dr David Nott will be traveling with our medical team to provide surgical relief to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Dr Nott will be joining our group of highly skilled and experienced medics to Arsal camp situated at the Lebanese, Syrian border, currently home to 65,000 Syrian refugees.

With dangerous working conditions for medics caused by directly targeted attacks on healthcare facilities, access to medical services for Syrians has been near non-existent throughout the last eight years. Today, military checkpoints surrounding the town of Arsal have made it extremely difficult for NGOs to visit and for aid to be delivered.

syria medical appeal

During a recent assessment deployment last month, our team of medics witnessed many illnesses and infections that could have been prevented had there been access to basic medical assistance at the camp. Our aim this month is to provide vaccines and aid for minor and major medical needs.

There are thousands of children living in Arsal camp who are in dire need of medical support and vaccinations. Your donations will help us provide the much needed medical assistance to some of the most desperate families. The more support we receive, the more patients our team of medics can see to.


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