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The city of Idlib is Syria’s final major rebel-held area and is expected to be the next target for the Syrian government. Since the beginning of the conflict, Idleb has served as a place of refuge for civilians fleeing the offensives in Homs, Aleppo, eastern Ghouta and, most recently, Daraa. As a result, in the last seven years, the population of Idleb has grown and is now home to 3,000,000 million locals and internally displaced civilians.

In light of the developing crisis in the region and the increased number of civilians who have been forced to reside in Idlib; our team in the area want to make sure they are prepared for the worst. As military attacks on the area expect to intensify, our five Primary Health centers will experience an increased number of patients through the doors placing a significant strain on our medical team who will no doubt be treating large numbers of wounded.

Our protection team will be working around the clock to ensure they are aware of any sign of child abuse or exploitation as we expect the anticipated military offensive to force more families into Idlib’s overcrowded, makeshift camps. With hundreds of Syria Relief staff members currently working in Idleb, it is crucial we are prepared for any further military offensive in the area.       As many of our team members working in Idleb have recently fled formerly besieged areas, this won’t be the first military offensive they experience. With experience and preparation, we will work to the best of our capacity to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by the violence.


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