Qurbani – a rare privilege in Syria

For many muslims across the globe, Eid Aladha is a time where we remember the ever-inspiring life story of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the great sacrifices he made to demonstrate his devotion and love for Allah (SWT).    Given the circumstances in Syria, and the extortionate rise in food prices, Qurbani in Syria is never the cheapest option; but a true sacrifice worth its name, purely for the love of Allah (SWT) will never be the easiest option. Our team in Syria tell us that during this Eid, thousands of families eagerly await the opportunity to feed their loved ones meat – a rare privilege in Syria. A common tradition for muslims celebrating Eid is to invite family and friends over for food. With your help this month, we can brighten up the Eid for many families and ensure they are able to host a nice dinner for their loved ones.  For the last seven years, millions of children across Syria have been denied the right to celebrate Eid, please help our team ensure that Eid Aladha 2018 is truly a special one for families in Syria.    Share your Qurbani with Syria today.


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