Solidarity with Rohingya Appeal

Syria Relief was established in 2011 in response to the beginning of the Syrian crisis.  With the hard work of our team and the support of our valued donors, we are now at the forefront of non-profit support on the ground in Syria, covering unique and critical areas.

Since the early days of our journey, the support we have received from the south east asian community in the UK has been phenomenal.

Many of our staff members of south asian origins, expressed strong personal emotions as we all witnessed the suffering of the Rohingya minority as they fled Myanmar.  We could not sit back and watch a community, who have been at forefront in supporting the crisis in Syria,  see the people their homeland suffer.  This is why we chose to set up the Solidaity with Rohingya Appeal.

With significant expertise in providing emergency aid in a crisis zone, we saw that we had the logistical knowledge and skillset to provide some relief to the Rohingya community.

Syria Relief have sent a team of medical doctors, surgeons and pharmacists to help provide emergency medical assistance to the estimated 800, 000 Rohingya who were living in inadequate open air camps.

On our mission, our team saw to eight month old Amina, who was suffering form pneumonia. With hours left to live, our team rushed her to hospital where she was treated.

Thousands more children like Amina are sick and mentally exhausted. Contaminated water and non existence sewage systems means diseases are now spiralling out of control. Help our dedicated team of medics support those in serious need of healthcare.

By donating to our Rohingya Solidarity appeal you can help save lives.

If you would prefer to make a donation to our medical mission by phone, please call our  donation line on 0161 860 0163

Operation - £200

Wheelchair - £50 

Pregnancy supplements & Baby formula - £5

Generic Medication  (Inc antibiotics/analgesia) £10



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