What comes to mind when you think of Winter?

The thought of winter in the UK makes me think of warm cozy nights by the blazing gas fire watching Christmas films with my family. Ironically these are such feelings of warmth and comfort despite Britain's notoriously harsh winters.

Surprisingly for many, Syria’s winter months do not differ much from ours. Just like us, the people of Syria are far too familiar with season’s subzero temperatures, heavy rain and blustering winds. My friends are often shocked when I show them pictures of Syria during these months. In fact with is infamous mountainous terrain, Syria is prone to colder temperatures, than it’s other middle eastern neighbours.

Syria now has a huge internally displaced population (IDP); internally displaced people are said to be among the worlds most vulnerable people. Specifically in Syria, the majority of the displaced population have lost their homes and are struggling to find shelter in other parts of the country.

Many of these families are settling in rural areas where temperatures tend to drop more than that of urban areas. Not to mention inadequate tents which are unable to withstand the strong winds leaving families literally sleeping rough.

Aliya* who was forced to leave her home in Aleppo with her mother and younger brother. Arriving in Idlib almost two years ago, this is not the first winter they will experience in these harsh conditions.

“I am scared of the arrival of this winter, last year the cold make me so ill. We live in a tent and the ground gets very wet at night so I wake up so cold. No matter how much clothes I wear, they get wet.”

By donating to our winter appeal, you will be helping our team distribute more fuel and blankets and help children like Aliya and her family keep warm and safe in these sub-zero temperatures.

Winter only comes once a year, so lets get together and help these families feel as warm as we do this winter.

*Name changed for protection of child


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