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Ghouta Appeal

Eastern Ghouta has been under siege for the last four years, and in recent months, the siege has been tightened. This means that it is impossible for residents to leave the city or receive any food or medicine from outside.  UNICEF has stated that almost half of those trapped inside the city are children, 11% of whom are suffering from malnutrition.

Our staff have reported many cases of moderate to severe malnutrition in children and adults. Our worry is that the winter months will soon start to hit hard which will lead to rise in infants dying of malnutrition.

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They are under siege and under continuous bombardment, they are sick and hungry and really need our help. Our staff are on the ground delivering food aid to the most desperate families in Ghouta.

With further funds, we can reach out to more of Ghouta’s most desperate families.

A donation of £30 can pay towards a basket of food for a family living under siege in Ghouta.

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