Syria In Crisis: Idlib’s Catastrophe At Christmas

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Whilst many in the UK this week will be celebrating Christmas, the North West province in Idlib is in a state of complete chaos. Whilst people in the UK dream of snow falling from the sky, the people of Idlib are enduring endless bombs raining down on them.

In the last week there have been over 1,600 air and ground strikes across Idlib. The death toll is spiralling, with over 45 people confirmed killed in the last week, and hundreds injured, many women and children. People are dying now. People need help now.

There are reports of 80,000 people are fleeing Idlib as we speak. Many of those who are trying to escape with their lives are attempting to leave the Syria, sparking concerns of another refugee crisis.

At Syria Relief, we have had one of our schools in Idlib targeted in the past week, leaving 1,300 children out of education.

6-year-old Amira, has had to leave her home in Southern Idlib and head towards the Turkish border. She is too young to understand why she had to leave her home, her friends and the loud explosions of the bombs which have shaken her home and wrecked her life have caused her untold trauma. The psychological scars may never heal, but at least she has escaped alive. There are seven children known to have been killed this week.

Ahmed, a father of four, has uprooted his entire family from the town he lives in, in fear of their lives, and is looking for the nearest displaced people’s camp, however many have been destroyed by flooding “From the sky, we have seen either bombs or heavy, heavy rain. Both are very dangerous. Everything is terrible. I did not want to leave my harm, but I was worried that if I stayed, my family would be killed.” Surprisingly Ahmed considers himself lucky, “I know entire families who have been killed during this conflict.”

At Syria Relief we are escalating the state of emergency for the people of Idlib. The international community cannot ignore what is going on any longer. The attacks have reached a relentless level and it is the people who are suffering. North West Syria is in a state of catastrophe, they need your help.

Please donate immediately, it cannot wait.

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