Syria Relief Announce 107 New Schools

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Syria Relief have announced that they will be operating a further 107 schools across Syria. This takes the total of schools operated by Syria Relief up to 159. All of the new schools announced will operate within the Idlib province.

Approximately 42,800 children will benefit from the 107 new formal schools. The total number for children who will benefit from education provided by Syria Relief is estimated to be at 55,592 now.

The schools will be run by Syria Relief, in partnership with Chemonics, a US stabilisation actor. This announcement means that Syria Relief now provides more education facilities in Syria than any other NGO.

Since the start of the Idlib military offensive on April 30th, Syria Relief have had four of their schools hit by airstrikes, as well as two medical facilities. In September, Syria Relief, released a report into the impact the conflict is having on education called No School To Go Back To: The Impact of Airstrikes on Syria’s Schools.

Othman Moqbel, Syria Relief’s Chief Executive says:

“It is not just vital that every child gets an education, it is a basic human right. However, too often during this conflict, we have seen children denied an education by violence. Violence that children do not want, violence that children did not choose and, for many, violence that children do not understand.

“The schools operated by Syria Relief boast great education outputs for the children, despite operating in unbelievably difficult and dangerous conditions. We are so glad that we’ll be able to give such a high quality of education even more children in Syria.

“When Syria moved to a post-conflict stage of reconstruction, it will need a new generation to help rebuild the Syrian society and economy and this is only possible if that generation has a decent education. This partnership does so much more than just keep children in school today, it works towards a better tomorrow for all of Syria.

“The children we speak to at Syria Relief tell us of their hopes and dreams – to be teachers, doctors or humanitarian aid workers – thanks to this great partnership with Chemonics, another 42,800 children in war-torn Syria are a step closer to achieving their dream.”


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