The fastest and largest displacement in Syrian history.

The military offensive in the southwest city of Daraa has intensified, causing the fastest and largest displacement in Syrian history. The number of displaced has now reached a shocking 320,000. This huge figure is not just a number, they are families; children, babies, elderly, injured, disabled and traumatised. As the borders of Israel and Jordan remain closed, these civilians will be left alone to survive Syria’s blazing heat without water nor shelter in these desolate areas.  Our staff in Syria are witnessing the families leaving Daraa in their thousands. They have been reporting distressing accounts of what they are seeing. As thousands of families arrive without tents, they are using trees for shelter. Sleeping on rough desert terrain is also causing illnesses and serious skin conditions for the children.  Our team are on the ground helping families resettle, by setting up tents and providing basic essentials, such as; mattresses, blankets, food and water to families who are moving to these desolate areas. A small donation today can make life in the open a bit more bearable for families fleeing bombardments Donate now.


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