The most blessed night

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These final days will pass like a blink of an eye, so let’s come together now and give some of the most vulnerable people of Syria an ending to Ramadan they deserve. We have been working long hours cooking, packing and distributing meals in time for sunset. But despite the efforts of so many charities this month, the need for relief inside Syria has been far greater.

Families have spent this Ramadan without a place to call home and no clean water or hot food. In the inadequate camps in which many of them live, there are no decent cooking facilities and sleeping with no mattresses can be distressing for children and the elderly.

11.7 million Syrians are still in need of humanitarian assistance right now; each facing a daily fight for survival due to poverty, violence and trauma. Of all the nights that may pass us this year, don’t let tonight leave us without a prayer for every Syrian who is suffering this Ramadan.


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