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By Jessica Adams, Media and Marketing Officer Syria Relief

For myself and many others in Syria Relief’s UK head office winter is a time full of joy, full of celebrations, winter markets, family time, warm fires and cosy nights in. But for our brothers and sisters displaced across Syria and its neighbouring countries winter brings new fear and increased suffering.

Last winter, torrential rain and freezing temperatures caused mass flooding across refugee and displacement camps in Lebanon and Syria, needlessly claiming the lives of new infants, the elderly and the vulnerable. This year, millions more vulnerable Syrian families will have little protection against the freezing winter.

3 million people have been forced from their homes and are living in poorly built camps with no protection from the sub-zero temperatures. They are desperate for warmth, desperate for food, desperate to survive.

Imagine being a mother in a refugee camps in Lebanon, at night the temperature drops to minus 10, you need fuel, you need food, the only warmth your family has is the dropping body heat of each other. What would you do?

Imagine being a father in a camp, unable to work as there are no jobs, no money, no means of buying food and your family is starving. You don’t know how you will get a meal, let alone a job. What would you do?

Imagine being a child, every morning you wake your clothes wet from the rain that floods your tent. Every night you are scared to sleep in case you wake to find your baby brother frozen in the night. Your sister cries each day because her tummy is empty. What would you do?

Last year thanks to your kind donations we were able to support 88,504 people! This year we want to support even more. Throughout winter our team will be on the ground across five countries delivering emergency aid as well as medical support, education, food and water, but we need your help. We are asking our donors, what would you do? What could you do? What #WillYou do this winter?

Will you shelter a family, will you donate a blanket, will you feed a hungry child?

#WillYou save a life this winter? 

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