Syria’s Next Threat

Winter conditions have begun to affect many parts of Syria.

The harsh conditions  of the winter season brings an additional impact to the already suffering families.

Many of these families who have been forced from their homes are without access to shelter, food, blankets or warm clothes.

Families living in make-shift camps are telling our staff that rain water is starting to leak into the tents making the very little clothing they have wet. These makeshift tents and improvised shelters are providing little protection from the freezing temperatures.

This year, hundreds of children have been unable to cope with lack of food and have died of malnutrition. As the winter months start to hit hard, the number of children dying of malnutrition will increase.

Our team are on the ground day-in and day-out trying to provide relief for these
families this winter.

However, our work will only continue with your support.

Please donate and help us relieve the suffering this winter.


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