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On this World Humanitarian Day, we pay tribute to aid workers and organisations across the world who dedicate their lives to the service of others. We stand with the millions of people caught up in conflict and crisis around the world and show our gratitude to those on the ground who are risking their lives to support the needs of others.

Last week it was reported that two US aid workers (an ambulance driver and a paramedic) were killed when an airstrike hit their facility in Idlib. Minutes later, after rescue workers arrived on the scene, a second-strike hit and killed a rescue volunteer. Unfortunately, tragedies like this are a daily reality in Idlib. Each day civilians and their schools, hospitals and homes are increasingly being targeted by the violence. Four of the 53 schools that we run in Syria have been hit by an airstrike in the space of three and half months since the Idlib campaign started.

As a result of these continued attacks, the number of those displaced and in need continues to rise. Over the weekend we shared new footage of thousands more people migrating from the Southern Idlib countryside following a new wave of airstrikes. With no other option they have been forced to flee their homes with all they can carry in search of safety.

The situation continues to become more hostile and yet the international community continues to be silent. It is heart-breaking to see the constant calls from humanitarian organisations asking for an end to the violence and suffering go unnoticed.

Despite working conditions becoming even more dangerous, our team remain on the ground in some of the hardest to reach areas of the country. We are renewing our commitment to relieving the suffering of the Syrian people and stand proudly with our partner organisations in our mission to deliver aid, training and support to the millions of people in need.

This World Humanitarian Day support our continued work please donate to our Idlib Emergency Appeal.
Idlib Emergency Appeal


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