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We at Syria Relief passionately believe that education is the foundation upon which the people of Syria will be able to rebuild their lives and their country.


Our Education Programme is a major success story!  We fully sponsor 55 schools, educating 16,000 pupils. Our schools provide support and education to over 2,000 children with special needs, such as children with learning difficulties and hearing impairment.

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We run 31 Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs), providing crucial psychological support, as well as education, to over 1,000 children who are so traumatised that they are unable to attend normal classrooms.

Our teachers are trained in child protection, psychological support, and First Aid.  In addition, specialist Psychological Support Staff are on hand at all our schools, offering one-to-one and group sessions to children and staff.

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With more funds we can open more schools across Syria, opening doors of education to hundreds of new students.

Please give generously to support our schools and our pupils.  


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