Food Security

Every year, Syria Relief provides tens of thousands of food parcels to families. These contain a selection of staple ingredients to make a variety of high-calorie, nutritionally balanced meals for a family of 5 for one month. We deliver them to communities all over Syria – from hard to reach rural communities to war torn urban communities.

Food distribution in a displaced community
Food distribution in a displaced community

As the Syrian conflict has continued, the need for food support has grown immensely. Crop production has drastically decreased due to factors such as lack of availability of water and increased dangers in travelling and transporting goods.  Food prices have soared inside Syria as a result of the scarcity.

An old couple with a food parcel, Aleppo. Feb. 2015
An old couple with their food parcels, Aleppo. Feb. 2015

Our Bakery Project is a key aspect of Syria Relief’s work in this area.  Every day our bakery produces thousands of pieces of bread, which are then delivered directly to over 50,000 beneficiaries.

Flour lorries line up to deliver to bakeries

Millions have fled from their homes with nothing and sadly, are entirely dependent upon charitable aid for their basic needs of sustenance. Supplies are constantly dwindling as the need grows. Please donate generously to feed a family.

Food parcel
Bread distribution


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