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Bab Al Hawa Hospital


A young boy waiting for treatment at BHH.

Bab Al-Hawa Hospital is the flagship of healthcare in northern Syria.  In the first six months of 2017, staff at the Hospital provided much-needed health care in over 206,000 clinical encounters.  These included over 41,000 outpatient clinic attendances, over 11,500 emergency attendances and over 1,600 emergency surgical operations.

In the same period, the Hospital carried out over 5,100 non-emergency specialist operations, over 2,270 kidney dialysis treatments, and over 4,400 CT scans.


British surgeon David Nott operates in one of BBH’s theatres.

The Hospital boasts a state-of-the-art Training Centre, where a wide variety of medical and other healthcare-related courses are run, to develop the skills and knowledge of all healthcare staff in the Hospital itself, as well as in the wider healthcare community.


Omar, one of the first new born babies in our paediatric clinic at BHH, Feb.'15.
Omar, one of the first babies born in our newly opened paediatric clinic at BHH, Feb’15.



The busy assessment room at BHH

The Hospital if funded collaboratively by Syria Relief and other partners.  It is operated under the auspices of UOSSM, and is managed by a Board of Directors which includes representations from all stakeholders.

BHH shortly after the missiles exploded outside.
Bab Al-Hawa Hospital
Bab Al-Hawa Hospital


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