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Bab Al Hawa Hospital

Funded by Syria Relief and partners, Bab Al Hawa Hospital (BHH) is the largest and busiest hospital in northern Syria.  It is situated on the Turkey-Syria border, an area which used to be a bustling part of the region’s tourist circuit.

BHH specialises in treating emergency cases; a considerable number of patients enter as a result of the frequent air-strikes or barrel bomb attacks in populated areas. Many patients are children and the 90 child beds help us to cope with such incidents. The hospital offers patients a safe and clean place to convalesce, operating with similar hygiene standards to an NHS hospital in the UK.

A young boy waiting for treatment at BHH.

Superb Facilities

On average, 11,000 patients/month  are treated at BHH.  Facilities at this impressive hospital include an intensive care unit, 6 operating theatres, 2 treatment rooms, a blood bank and a CT scanner. The hospital specialises in: orthopaedic, general, vascular, ENT, maxillofacial, ophthalmic and thoracic surgeries.

British surgeon David Nott operates in one of BBH’s theatres.


New Paediatric Clinic

In February 2015, we opened a Paediatric Clinic, offering expert birthing care and advice  to pregnant women, newborns and their mothers.

Omar, one of the first new born babies in our paediatric clinic at BHH, Feb.'15.
Omar, one of the first babies born in our newly opened paediatric clinic at BHH, Feb’15.

Training Centre

BHH doubles as a large training centre, the latter of which is mainly funded by Syria Relief.  Our excellent surgical and medical training programmes offers Syrian doctors and medical staff a now rare opportunity to develop their skills.  We take great pride in being part of the effort to help Syrian medics become self-sufficient.


Bab Al Hawa Hospital was set up under the auspices of UOSSM, a collaboration between Syria Relief and a number of other international charity organisations such as, Canadian Relief For Syria, and Association D’aide Aux Victimes En Syrie (AAVS).  Management of the hospital is undertaken by its Board of Directors, of whom a Syria Relief trustee is a member

Syria Relief contributes about £90,000 a month to cover running costs such as staff salaries (medical and non-medical), equipment and consumables.  We constantly monitor and evaluate the quality of care, treatment and facilities at the hospital.

Your help is needed to keep this crucial facility operating.

The busy assessment room at BHH

In June 2014, BHH was damaged by 2 missiles which landed directly outside the building. Miraculously no-one was killed, but repairs to the hospital cost in the region of $55,000.

BHH shortly after the missiles exploded outside.
Bab Al-Hawa Hospital
Bab Al-Hawa Hospital


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