National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs

One of the most debilitating consequences of the brutal conflict in Syria is the massive number of individuals who have lost one or more limbs as a result of their injuries.  Of the estimated 50,000 amputees, many are women and children – innocent victims of indiscriminate violence.


The National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs offers a new hope for a meaningful and productive life for those who have lost a limb.  In fact, by returning these individuals to a life of ability, independence and productivity, the whole family that they support is often lifted out of poverty and dependence.

The process of fitting a new limb is a long one. In fact, patients receive a total of 3 limbs throughout their treatment – the first two are intermediate limbs which the patient wears over the course of their physiotherapy to allow their body to adapt to its new shape. In most cases the third prosthetic limb is the final limb. Today, our patients can expect to receive a lightweight, strong prosthetic with highly flexible joints.


We are proud that the services we offer at the clinics are changing the lives of thousands of amputees across Syria.  A new limb means that our patients can begin to carry out almost any task that they could do before their injury. With a new limb, our patients are able to live normal and physically independent lives once more, they can find employment, raise a family and remain active, contributing members of the community.

In November 2014 our new mobile prosthetic limb clinic entered Syria, to serve those who cannot travel.

With your support, we hope to raise the much-needed funds to ensure that our in demand Prosthetic Limb clinics can remain fully functional and continue to provide a high quality full care package from pre-op to aftercare, all free of charge.


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