National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs

Syria Relief has been helping to run The National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL) since early 2013, providing prosthetic limbs to those who have lost their limbs in the conflict.

An estimated 30,000 people have lost limbs in this brutal war.  It is a sad consequence of the conflict that many of the victims that visit our clinics are children and women.

  • Average monthly patients receiving a new limb – 60
  • A lower prosthetic limb costs in the region of £440 (above knee) and £270 (below knee)
  • An arm limb costs in the region of £350 (mechanical) and £1000 (electronic)
  • We have successfully fitted over 1,000 prosthetic limbs at our clinics in Syria and Turkey, on patients ranging from 9 months to 85 years old

The process of fitting a new limb is a long one. In fact, patients receive a total of 3 limbs throughout their treatment – the first two are intermediate limbs which the patient wears over the course of their physiotherapy to allow their body to adapt to its new shape. In most cases the third prosthetic limb is the final limb, which is why we have worked with the NSPPL to improve and update the fitted limbs over the last 18 months or so. Today, our patients can expect to receive a lightweight, strong prosthetic with highly flexible joints.

‘Display’ limbs in the Prosthetic Limb Clinic reception area

We have sourced the best possible components for our limbs, which are manufactured locally in Turkey.  We try and keep costs down by purchasing them at good prices. However, as you can imagine, this treatment doesn’t come cheap.  Add to that the staff training and length of time for the patient full-recovery process, and the financial costs are high.

However, we are very proud to contribute to such a life changing process, as once most of our patients have learnt to fully use their new limb(s), they are able to carry out almost any task that they could do before their injury. This includes riding a bike or horse, driving a car and climbing trees. Of course, what it really means is that the patient is able to live a normal and physically independent life once more – find employment, raise a family and remain an active community member.

A patient tests his new limb in north Syria

Around 90% of patients treated at our Turkey clinic come from inside Syria. For patients who have travelled from afar, our clinics even offer accommodation. Both centres are inundated with patients and our new clinic inside Syria, which began operating in March 2014, has already fitted 165 prosthetic limbs.

In November 2014 our new mobile prosthetic limb clinic entered Syria, to serve those who cannot travel.

With your support, we hope to raise the much-needed funds to ensure that our hugely successful and in demand Prosthetic Limb clinics can remain fully functional and continue to provide a high quality full care package from pre-op to aftercare, all FREE OF CHARGE.

Our mobile prosthetic limb clinic which entered Syria on 1st Nov. 2014

The NSPPL is a joint project with SEMA and Every Syrian

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