Orphan Support


Thousands of Syrian children are subject to severe deprivation and exploitation such as child labour, early marriage, involvement in the crisis as well as other damaging activities.

Born into a life of conflict through no choice of their own, they deserve the same rights and opportunities as every other child in the world.

Our orphan sponsorship package provides each orphan with their essential needs, such as food, clothing, healthcare and education.

We make sure that the orphans we sponsor are well cared for by regularly assessing their well-being through direct contact with themselves and their carers, as well as analysing reports from their schoolteachers.


There are thousands more orphans waiting for someone to give them a chance in life.

For £30 a month YOU can sponsor an orphan in Syria. You can make a one off payment online, or, to set up a standing order, please call us on 0161 860 0163donate-now

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