Water & Sanitation

A country of scarce water resources, the availability of water in Syria has decreased to 1/3 since the crisis due to extensive damage to water systems.

Areas which have had a high influx of displaced communities especially suffer from lack of availability of clean water.  Thus, poor sanitary conditions put those displaced and the surrounding locals at a significant risk of contracting and spreading disease, especially in the summer months.

Syria Relief is working to ensure communities have access sustainable clean water and appropriate sanitation for domestic, construction, industrial and agricultural use.

A water system serves water to a whole village, usually to tens of thousands of people. Syria Relief have undertaken the repair of a number of damaged systems, at the same time ensuring that members of the local communities are trained to undertake repairs, enabling them to be self-sufficient in future. Our assistance has given over 100,000 access to clean water.

Above. A Syria Relief water tower provides irrigation to farms in rural Idlib.
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