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Your support is invaluable. It enables us to undertake vital humanitarian projects which help ease the suffering of the Syrian people.


Providing women and girls with access to services such as psychological support, training, and business recourses are vital in ensuring a healthy, functional society with a sustainable economy.

Through the services offered by our empowerment projects across Syria, thousands of women have received psychological support and vital recourses which have paved the way for better mental health and financial independence.

Our empowerment projects reach out to vulnerable women, who have experienced gender-based violence, or have become widowed mothers in search of financial independence.
“I need someone to help support me and my children who I am constantly neglecting by trying to find food and shelter for us. But who would hire a woman with children and no skills in these circumstances?”

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The psychosocial impacts of living in a war-torn country or being a refugee are so widespread. We conduct psycho-social support sessions across Syria and neighboring countries where we assess the needs of our female patients. Our team then co-ordinate with psychologists according to our patient's needs.

Dunya, aged 43 had tolerated an abusive relationship for many years which left her in a state of complete psychological distress which was only exacerbated by war. Like millions of women around the world, Dunya was faced with the prospect of losing her children or struggle to survive as a single mother.

Dunya is now undergoing the necessary psychosocial support; we have also implemented follow-up plans to ensure her wellbeing. In addition to this, she is now participating in our female empowerment courses and activities to support her psychosocial development.

The availability of centers and safe areas of communication and support are the most essential first steps to providing women like Dunya with a voice.

We also support numerous child-friendly spaces across Syria which provide safe areas for children to play, sing and make friends. A variety of recreational and mine risk education activities are held at these centres, that aim to protect children from harm while restoring a sense of normality to their lives.

At our child-friendly spaces, our psychologists enable children to communicate their trauma and express their feelings through a range of child-counselling techniques, including arts and crafts, singing and dancing, and storytelling therapies. Children and their caregivers can also receive psychosocial support at the centres to help them overcome the trauma they have experienced.
“I tried to leave, but after three months of divorce I had to go back for the children. I couldn’t tolerate that he would beat and insult me in front of them; children are so impressionable”