Remembering Syria this Eid – Qurbani

Qurbani is the time of year when we remember the ever-inspiring life story of the of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the great sacrifices he made to demonstrate his devotion and love for Allah (SWT).

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At Syria Relief, it is also the time of year where we also ask you to remember the people of Syria at this special time. Given the circumstances, Qurbani in Syria is never the cheapest option – but a true sacrifice worth its name and purely for the love of Allah (SWT) will never be the easiest option.

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We guarantee that the smiles, the gratitude and powerful prayers of people of this blessed land who have suffered much and lost much will make it worth your sacrifice.

For the thousands of families living in besieged areas of Syria, they eagerly await for the opportunity to feed their loved ones meat.

Please help us reassure them that they have not been forgotten.

qurbani sheep

We can assure you that your efforts will contribute in alleviating the hunger in Syria, and will brighten up the Eid of many families suffering from the ongoing crisis.

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