Ramadan Charity Appeal 2017 – #HUNGERWAR

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Thanks to your generosity during our last Ramadan appeal, Syria Relief was able to feed over 100,000 people in need in Syria. As we welcome in this blessed month once again, we reflect on the sad fact that, from the youngest child to the elderly, our brothers and sisters have faced endless hunger, indignity and despair every day for 5 years. 6.8 million have fled from their homes within Syria and day to day living is an uphill struggle.

Ramadan is an unmissable opportunity for the rest of us to make it a special month for those in need. This is our chance to show those suffering that they have not been forgotten, that the month of mercy and compassion is alive. We can ensure that Ramadan is ‘not just another month.’

Be at the forefront of those who give, from the very beginning of Ramadan, to the end. Please give generously – charity never decreases wealth. Together we can save lives, support orphans, feed families and give hope.

Our #Hungerwar campaign is a 30 day appeal of activism against child malnutrition and starvation in Syria during the period of Ramadan. Our Zakat policy is 100% of your donation given.

Please choose an option below to donate today:

Zakat – 100% donation policy

1 month Pack (for a family of 5) – £60.00 

Fidaya – £4.00 per Fast

Fitrana – £4.00 per Person

Food Basket (2 week for Family of 5) – £30.00

 Baby Milk 1 month including baby kit – £40.00

 1 Special Pack (Feeds 50 people) – £600.00

Sustainability Pack – £300.00

Pink Dress for Eid – £4 per Dress

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