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Recent images of the plight of the Syrian refugees have greatly moved the international community, leaving many of us wondering how we can help.

Every day, around 6,000 Syrians put the lives of their families, including babies and young children at risk, taking a dangerous and life threatening
journey in unsafe boats on the Mediterranean, in order to flee the war and devastation inside Syria.

Syria Relief have been sending convoys and containers to Hungary and the Greece-Macedonia border, delivering essential Emergency Aid, to include food, clothing, medicine and other essentials to these desperate people.

Please do justice to these heart wrenching photos and donate whatever you can to help the victims of this relentless crisis.

Please donate to our Refugee Crisis Appeal.


1. Donate

Please donate to help cover the logistical cost of the aid transport as well as the essentials we need to purchase for the refugees.

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2. Sponsor containers of emergency aid to refugees

Following our first convoy which left on 10th September 2015, we have sent numerous container loads of essential goods on a regular basis, many of which have been donated in their entirety by our supporters and donors.  Syria Relief has arranged and can arrange, loading and dispatch directly from your site. If you would like to sponsor or contribute a full container load of aid or towards the cost of the containers, give us a call for more details on 0161 860 0163.

3. Donate Items

We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of the public over the last few weeks in response to the plight of the Syrian refugees in Europe. We wish to thank everyone who has come together to support us, giving their valuable time and effort.  Our warehouse has been inundated with excellent quality goods, and despite the numerous containers we have shipped, is still full to the brim!

We are therefore unable to accept any more goods contributions at this moment, but do seek financial contributions towards the logistical costs of our next few shipments, which are ready to leave as soon as we have raised the necessary funds.

If you are doing any community collections e.g. shoebox collections etc., you may like to ask each person to contribute a small sum as well, e.g. £5.  This will go far to getting our next convoy and enable us to send the goods waiting in the warehouse.  You may also wish to help at the warehouse sorting through the mountain of items we have.  Please get in touch with us if you are able to volunteer your time here.

*While Syria Relief has suspended general collection and donation of physical items for the foreseeable future, we are still working in partnership with a small number of organisations who are collecting items in their respective localities, and who have undertaken the financial responsibility for the transport of the goods collected.

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