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Your support is invaluable. It enables us to undertake vital humanitarian projects which help ease the suffering of the Syrian people.

Shelter Project in Northern Syria

5.3 million Syrians are living in inadequate shelters lacking proper bathing or cooking facilities, sufficient space and protection.

Our exciting new project will provide shelter to support 155 vulnerable families in northern Syria whose homes have been destroyed. We are coordinating with local authorities to replace camp tents, which requires regular repair work, with brand-new sustainable homes. Families will be given protection from extreme weather conditions and disease and will have a chance to rebuild their community.

Through our shelter projects, we are helping to establish both long and short-term accommodation for some of the most vulnerable families in the hardest to reach areas in Syria as well as the surrounding countries.

This project is ambitious but sustainable. By building a house with Syria Relief you will be giving protection and security to families during their most difficult time.
We have mapped shelter compounds which are in the process of construction, to help Syrian families resettle. Please support our work by donating to our housing project in Northern Syria.

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Climb If you raise £2000 by hosting your fundraising event
Care you can help towards permanent housing for a Syrian family

We provide life-saving Core Relief Items

6.3 million Syrians are currently internally displaced with thousands more displaced across the surrounding counties. Countless homes have been destroyed and many areas are no longer safe leaving innocent Syrian families with no alternative but to flee their homes.

Many Syrians are now living in fragile make-shift shelters and some have no option but to sleep out in the open, with nothing but the supplies they could carry from their homes. Syria’s extreme heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter are putting vulnerable children, families, pregnant women and the elderly at risk.

With Syria Relief you can help support Syria’s displaced population by providing shelter and daily essentials for some of the country's most desperate families.
Our team is on the ground helping Syrians resettle, by setting up housing facilities for families and all those affected by the ongoing war.