Zakat Appeal

The Time to Give | The Last Ten Days

And whatever ye spend in charity or devotion, be sure Allah knows it all. (Al Quran: 2:270)

Subhanallah!  – We are now in the final ten days of Ramadan! Use these blessed days to ensure that the people of Syria do not feel forgotten.

The Night of Power is greater than a 1000 months, which is over 83 years. Therefore any act of worship during this night is rewarded to worship equal to over 83 years. Subhanallah!

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This Ramadan, Syria Relief have been delivering aid into some of the most hard to reach areas of Syria reaching the most desperate.

With our 100% zakat donation policy, every penny of what you give will reach the most needy in Syria.

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As we welcome the last ten days of Ramadan once again, we reflect on the sad fact that, from the youngest child to the elderly, our brothers and sisters in Syria are still faced with hunger and poverty.

We will ensure that your Zakat donations over these last ten days will provide much relief to families who are struggling in some of the most deprived areas in Syria.

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